About Us

Mark and Tami were born and raised in the USA. They are Christians, which means that they are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are associated with the the open brethren movement, a group of local churches around the world that has no central organization.

They both came to know the Lord Jesus when they were children, and they were both blessed to sit under the teaching of godly brethren who taught the Word of God. Mark fellowshipped at Central Bible Chapel in Palisades Park, NJ. Tami fellowshiped at Bethany Gospel Chapel, in Worcester, MA.

Tami received a BS degree in Biblical Studies and Elementary Education from Emmaus Bibe College. Mark received a BA from the University of Delaware in Communications (Public Relations) and Foreign Language/Literature (Spanish) and an MA from Rutgers University in Education, teaching English as a second/foreign language.

Mark and Tami lived in Poland from February 1998 to October 2008. There, Mark taught English at WSB-NLU in Nowy Sacz. He also taught the Word of God in a small church outside the city.

Today, Mark teaches the Word of God (in Poland, Portugal, and the USA), and Tami is often asked to teach at women’s meetings. They fellowship at Monterey Bible Chapel, in the Lancaster, PA area. Their focus as Christians is to preach the gospel, teach the Word of God, and practice Christ-centered Christianity.

Mark and Tami have six children.

Believer’s Home was created for the purpose of equipping believer’s with the Word of God and as a place to put the Lord’s work He has given us.